{contest details} only FOUR more days to vote!

It's contest time (get a little, give a little!) This has been a wonderful year in so many ways -- I never dreamed my photography business would grow so quickly. This whole dream of mine has been such a blessing and want to give back to those who have supported me so generously! I have picked my favorite images of 2008 and YOU get to VOTE on your favorite! The contest will run through December 31st -- you can only vote once so spread the word! E-mail your friends/family/co-workers. Blog it, myspace it, or get out the vote on facebook...it's up to you!

So, what are the prizes? I'm sure you're dying to know!

1st prize -- 16x20 print of their WINNING IMAGE + a FREE SESSION

~ the only "catch" is that the winner has to give away their free session....the whole idea about this contest is to GIVE... :)

2nd prize -- 11x14 print of their WINNING image

PLUS two random notify list subscribers will win a coupon for $35 off a 2009 session! Are you on the notify list?? :)

I might even do a random winner from those who leave a comment on this post...ya never know!! :)



{family christmas snapshots}

Saturday was our annual family get together on Memory Lane -- those of you who know my family KNOW where I'm talking about....it's always fun and everyone leaves with their bellies full! Here's a few snapshots!

(Btw, Have you voted yet? If not, see below this post!)

Garrett, Lara, & Jackson ....home for the holidays before heading to D.C!

Elisabeth, Jayme, and Auburn -- beautiful kids!

Dylon & Darci -- they were great playmates for the afternoon!

Uncle Chuck & Bella (who is a doll, let me tell you!)

My wonderful beautiful Granny posing with one of her many beautiful granddaughters (and my sister) Tammi

Aunt Lena (a.k.a. Weezie)

My Mom and Me :)

One of the many rides courtesy of Uncle Chuck

L to R:SaraLisa, Jada, Crew, Jayce, Tanner, Chloe, Grace, Darci, Lyndsey & Dylon


{gettin' in the mood}

Christmast is quickly approaching...contest details very SOON.


{saving the best for last}

If you *know* my cuz Kevin, you'll know why I titled this post what I did. As a "thank you" for allowing me use of his pond as a backdrop for a few family sessions I ran over Sunday afternoon and snapped a few of his "little" family.

So, this was my very last session of 2008 -- thanks for a fabulous, fun year! Keep on the lookout; the "get a little, give a little" contest starts soon!!


give a little, get a little...

There's a reason I suggested signing up for my mailing list....you get perks ;-)

At/around Christmas will be the start of a very fabulous, very fun (for me anyway!) contest....I don't want to give away many details, but the prizes will be fab! Notify list members will be e-mailed FIRST with the contest info!

My only hint is "Give a little, get a little."


At home is where my heart is..

Much to our delight, my oldest nephew, Trenton spent the night with us this weekend. Darci enjoyed having a sibling ...for a few hours anyway!