These boys...

have won me over! I'll be honest (like I was with Monica) that I have always been intimidated a bit by photographing boys. I grew up with THREE sisters and only one brother, lots of girl cousins, and now I have a girl of my own. I feel like I don't know how to communicate with boys...I'm sure they think I'm weird!

These little men helped me get past that, let me tell you. They were complete sweethearts, just like their Mother. :)


{maci joins our family}

Only a week old and already making her "place" in our family. She makes four granddaughters for my in-laws and joins a "no boys allowed" club with her other cousins; Darci, Taryn, & big Sis Skylar.


Mini-Session Reminder!

If you have a mini-session in October or November and have NOT returned your contract w/session fee, your date is NOT booked...please return paperwork so I can arrange my schedule. :)

All dates still not reserved by Oct 31st will be considered open :)


{little miss june}

This sweet wee one had the whole gang at Zan's bazaar in on this photo shoot. It was a challenge, but when I saw this photo I *knew* it was worth it. She's a lucky baby girl to be surrounded by such fun, loving, girly girls!

Hope you like Brandi! :) You have more to come!


{sweet miss}

A preview for Andrea & Chris....hope you like :)


a little bit vintage

Cherri and her mom, Charlotte, have the same appreciaton I have for old abandoned houses, fence posts, barns, and rusty old tractors...they make GREAT photo props :)

Cherri was game for anything; so I shot with a little bit of vintage style in mind. It's my first attempt and I think I may be hooked. I think it might have helped that I had such a great model! :)

I had a great time with both of you ladies and your slideshow will be ready soon!


Little Pumpkins.

I had the privledge of photographing some cute little "pumpkins" yesterday at "Nana & Gee-Gee's Preschool" ....this is my 2nd time visiting there and this time was no different than the first -- I had a great time! We wrangled sun, ants, and muddy grass....but, it was so worth it!

Here are a few of MY favorites from the morning.

Conversations worth remembering.

T: my 4 yr old niece
D: my daughter

(gotta love honesty at this age.)

Me; Well, that's rude!
T: It's ridiculous!
D: It's ridiculously rude!


D: She's so cute!
T: No!!!! She's purty!


Me: What did you girls have for lunch?
D: I had pizza!
T: I had peanut butter & jelly.
Me: That sounds good T!
T: Uh, no. Not really.


T: This is my side.
D: This is my side.
D: And this my spot.
T: My spot is right here.
D: Your spot is there and my spot is here!
T: Which spot is mine?
D: There!
T: Oh, ok.


"Family faces are like magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future."

It was a fun morning with the Chapman family...we thought we'd have to dodge rain, but the sun peaked out and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Towards the ends of the session I had them jumping for joy! ;)


{tutu cute}

A couple of afternoons ago Darci tried out her halloween comstume ~ she's in love :)


Holiday Cards for all..

Not up to holiday photos? That's fine, but if you had photos taken in June, July or August, you can use them for your Christmas cards! E-mail me or leeave me a comment and I'll direct you to the holiday card slideshow...I have many templates to choose from, and I offer two-type of printing options to fit everyone's budget.

Just a FYI! :)