{my calendar is all confused.}

I had a last-minute cancellation, and I know everyone is busy, but if you want this spot, drop me an e-mail and you can have it for last month's beach special of $50.00! Get a jump start on Christmas card photos :-)

And on an even happier note, it's almost Friday and we're leaving for the lake!!


It's his half-birthday!

Remember Mason? Well, little man is growing up!
He has the bluest of eyes, kissable cheeks, and *loves* his Mommy!
Did I mention his cheeks?

I could easily take him home :-)


"Small is beautiful..."

Mr. Jackson is three weeks old and is still teeny tiny, which I adore! From his dark chocolate hair to his sweet little toes, he was quite the angel. Hope you like this sneak peek Ashley and Adam -- your slideshow will be ready soon!

It's not every day you are blessed with the ability
to see your great-grandmother hold your newborn...
so I was happy to capture these FIVE generations.


The "R" Family...

I'll be honest, when I first started mentally preparing (yes, even a photographer has to do this!) for this family session, I was slightly anxious. Triplets!! I kept picture all three babies running off in three different directions. I couldn't have been more wrong. These big-eyed babes were so calm and sweet! Even more impressive to me was big brother Andrew, who seemed to have a special connection with them. Traci & Robbie, you are so blessed! Here's your sneak peek!



{shiny happy people}

I got a breath of fresh air last night thanks to this happy couple! It isn't every day you run into a people that have been married 17 years (!!) and are still as affectionate and happy as the day they got married (so I'm guessing.) She glowed and was constantly giggling and he was obviously smitten with her. It was one of the most relaxed photo shoots I've had in a long time, I felt like I was just there to hang out with friends.

Thanks for a fun time Kevin & Stef!!!! Hope you had a great dinner!


{allie claire}

It's so funny how small the world gets when I start conversing with clients at the beginning of their session. Almost always they know someone who knows someone who KNOWS me...or even crazier, we're related and we didn't even know it!

Last night's session (yesterday was a double-feature day for me) proved no different. Only this time the "ah-ha!" moment was when after a few minutes chatting we realized that the Dad (Adam) was at my & Chris's wedding back in 2000! He came with a guy friend, who was dating one of my bridesmaids. Even more bizarre is that I've know Adam for a few years through my job and we NEVER put two-and-two together....The whole thing made me laugh!

Here's a preview of their photos..

Isn't miss A simply adorable? Her eyes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
Lots more to come, Carrie!

the adventures of jared..

I had a re-scheduled (too many times to count) and much anticipated camera play-date with a little boy yesterday afternoon.

We explored around the outside of an old house, sat on an old tractor and debated whether or not it would crank, watched cows and donkeys, avoided stepping in cow ...well you know...We discussed the stability of some old porches, and dared each other to see who more scared!

All this with a four-year-old!! He kept me chuckling with his quick wit and I must say, I have NEVER met a little boy with such a grown-up vocabulary....too smart! ;-)

Here's a few shots from our "play date"....I hope his family likes!


little moments

In a few short weeks our daughter will be celebrating her 5th birthday. It seems like it was only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. So typical of a mother to say that, but if you are a Mom, you know exactly how true it is and how time simply flies when a child enters your world.

The past two weeks I've noticed how much she's growing up into a girl. She's not a baby, not a toddler...

Darci loves to weigh herself and has gotten quite frustrated at staying at 38lbs for several months...(what a problem, right?) Last week I realized she had hit a growing spurt (Mom! My shorts hurt!) and picked up her first pair of size 5 shorts at Old Navy...her response? "Mom! Can I go weigh myself to see if I've grown?!"

This summer has brought swimming lessons, birthday party planning (on her part), excitement about k-5 (August!!), understanding relationships, and realizing that "behaving" is a good thing.......my baby toddler little girl is really growing up!

No, this isn't a birthday post...but, as I watched her draw in her playroom as she does almost every day I felt this blog post forming in my mind and of course I had to snap a few photos. These special moments pass by way too fast and my memory will fade, but thank goodness I can look back at this post and smile.


Happy 4th of July!

Many words come to mind when I think about Independence Day. Hot weather, cook-outs, flags waving, watermelon, fireworks, American pride...Enjoy your day of celebration and remember those who fought and gave their lives for our every day freedoms!

I leave you with a preview of the my session last night. Ashley, who is due in September with baby Cooper, won the free beach session giveaway and she took full advantage! We did family photos and a few maternity shots. I hope she enjoys these --- she's got that pregnancy glow for sure!


bella goes {mini}

How cute are these? I'm happy to announce I am now offering these 3x3 mini-accordians! They are printed on press-quality paper, are two-sided and hold up to 10 of your favorite session photos. They came in several colors and are the *perfect* brag book! They come in sets of three -- one for each of the Grandma's and one for YOU!