6 quirks!

Jobeth tagged me to list 6 quirks about moi...here goes!

#1 -- I organize my towels. As I put away new ones, I bring the "older, unused ones" to the front of the linen closet, and put the new washed ones in the back. It's a wash, rinse, repeat cycle :)

#2 -- I have a diet cherry vanilla coke every single morning. I can skip breakfast, but I *must* have my diet coke fix. :)

#3 -- I "tidy" my house every day. That means beds are made, dishes are washed (or at minimum dirty ones are stacked neatly.), and there isn't "stuff" everywhere. Doesn't matter if the dust is an inch deep or my floors are dirty, as long as everything is in it's place I'm fine.

#4 -- My full-time job is bookkeeping. A few of my responsibilities are paying the bills, keeping a register, reconciling checks, etc. ~ guess what I never do at home? That's right. I procrastinate when it comes to writing checks and reconciling our register. Thank goodness for online banking!!!!

#5 -- One of my terrible quirks is organizing too much. I usually do it when Chris isn't around then he can *never* find anything around our house later. Sad thing is I don't remember what I do with everything.

#6 -- The last quirk I can think of is that I luuuurve to dip my pizza in thick, cold & creamy sour cream. It is simply delish :)

Who to tag, who to tag.....I tag Amber, girl from florida, and Garrett!


Holiday mini-session update

I have four mini-session dates left! E-mail to get your date before they're gone!

Can't remember the details?

Here's the 411:
Mini-Session: up to 45 minutes
Location: your choice (within 30 miles)
Proofs: 8-10 (private gallery, within 2 weeks)
Freebie: Complimentary 8x10 with every session!
Cost: $40



I'm planning on having a Kelly's Kids catalog party soon ~ if you'd like a catalog to look at drop me an e-mail and I'll make sure you get one :)



Who could resist this smile? Miss Olivia had her first photo-shoot today and she amazed me with her strength and her ability to scoot backwards at only four months old! She was quite a happy baby, especially when Daddy was around! I had a great time ~ thanks Kristen & Paul! Here's your preview!


The smallest bundles bring the greatest joy...

Isn't this one precious? He was just a week old on Tuesday and was sweet beyond words...he was a complete angel and took all of the posing and swaddling with such ease. Thank you Renee and Randy for having me in your lovely home! Enjoy your sneak peek!


{a natural}

I met up with Rhonda and her son Hazen this morning for a quick session in the sticky heat to catch a few shots in "the secret garden" ....we wrangled with humidity, gnats, and turkey-sized mosquitoes. No worries though ~ he was a natural. Here's a preview for Mom!