{wherever you go, go with all your heart.}

Last night my cousin Vicki's first child, my aunt Mary's first grandchild, and my Granny's first great-grandchild graduated from high-school ~ it's all the same person! For that reason, it was a special night in my mind. She's the first of many in our family to come over the next few years and as I was snapping photos of her and her family before they left for the graduation ceremony, I couldn't help but smile at her Mother's tears...it was so bittersweet.

But you're gonna miss this...
You're gonna want this back.
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.

These are some good times, so take a look around..
You may not know it now,
But you're gonna miss this.

Here's are a few photos from last night's party in honor of Callie's first accomplishment as a young adult in this magical gift called life...


{summer schedule}

For my own sanity, I'd like to post my weekend openings as of this moment...

Sunday, Aug 9
Saturday, Aug 22
Saturday, Aug 29
Sunday, Aug 30
Saturday, Sept 19
Sunday, Sept 20

And of course, if you'd like a weekday session I can probably squeeze you in sooner...


And the winner is..............

And because I ♥ beach pictures, all beach sessions booked for July, August & September are $50.00!! That's $30.00 off my regular rate. You must book in the next two weeks! Leave a comment and I'll send you information.

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention.........................I drew twice!!!! :-)


{Callie's senior prom..) SCROLL DOWN FOR THE CONTEST!

This senior prom is significant for more than just her Mom & Dad. I can remember her mother being pregnant (the first great-grandchild for my Granny!) and how excited our entire family was. Wow, I beginning to think I'm not young anymore!

Callie looked beautiful and with her feminine and flowing blue gown she looked just like a Barbie doll.....enjoy these sneak peeks.


CONTEST!!!!! -- 7 days only!! (updated!)

When I think summer there are many words that come to mind: flip-flops, the pool, lemonaid, ice cream, popcicles, teeny tiny polka-dot bikinis....and THE BEACH!! I'm taking off most of June to re-coop from a very busy April & May, and am also staying at the beach for a week! Darci is beyond excited and keeps asking us "How many more days!?" ...The beach is one of my favorite places in the world...and a great place to take photos!

So...without further mindless babble..IT'S A CONTEST!

Here's the details: It's going to run for three 7 days starting........NOW!

Leave a comment about how much you want to win A FREE BEACH SESSION (and your name & e-mail) and you're in!! The name will be revealed Friday night...around 8pm :-)



{family of five}

Every family has a different story and this one touched my heart. Dad leaves in two weeks for basic training and so it seemed the right time for family photos. I was honored and thrilled to do this for them. I hope they love them and just perhaps these photos will help to keep "Daddy" close to the hearts of these sweet little boys.

(And hey, check out that jump from the little guy in the middle!)


{smile, kiss, & jump!}

I spent a couple of hours with a very sweet couple on Saturday evening...and it can pretty much be summed up into three words: smiling, kissing & jumping! Fun, right? The last photo kinda explains what I mean. They were up for anything, which, as a photographer, I love love love!


The hardest part about my daughter growing up is...everything!"

I had the pleasure of shooting some spring photos for my daughter's preschool. It was bittersweet as I was watching my "baby" running around with her friends, introducing me with pride to everyone she ran into..."This is my Mom...she's going to take our picture!"


"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.."

These girls have been friends with my daughter since they were born and I was happy to be able to photograph them for their Mom. Not only are they beautiful (the eyes, oh my!), they are silly, fun, and sweet.....just as all little girls should be! Had fun Audra! Lots more to come soon ;)