Sweet silly girls :)

These girls crack me up everytime I visit with them for photos....they are sweet souls!

{better seen LARGE}


Thankful for our friends.

You don't come by real true friends easily this day in time. We met these kindred spirits four years ago and they have quickly become a second family to us. Our children are growing up together, becoming the best of friends, and every time we're together we create memories we'll remember forever.


Little girls have a magic all their own.

It's not the norm, but a nice change...someone came to me to get their photos taken! Meet Baby Paylen and big sister Logan...aren't they precious?


{one big happy family}

I've known these lovely people a long time and I luckily married into their extended family so I get to hang out with this goofy, funny group on occasion. Here's a preview of their session!


{another family, another sneak peek}

Saturday's morning session was a group effort in every way...remember yesterday morning when you were snuggled on the couch watching morning cartoons and sipping hot chocolate? Yeah, we were outside! ;)

These kiddos are at Disney World as I speak type, and they deserve it, because they did little to NO whining in the cold and gave me their sweetest smiles!



{two cool kiddos}

This brother and sister pair were a different change of pace for me ~ I didn't have to befriend them with candy or make silly faces to get them to smile. It was completely relaxed and well.....that's the best way to describe these tweens!

{mini-session overload}

This week has been a whirwind of mini-sessions and while I have had a blast ...whew, I'm feeling it! This girl is looking forward to a few weeks of R&R! I think Miss Priss is ready for her Mom to be at home more now too :)

Here's a few from this week's sessions...........more to come later tonite! ;)

Bailey & Brayden

Clay, Jobeth & Reese (who was simply adorable!)


A new year will bring new surprises....

Are you on bella blue's mailing list? If not, maybe you should.....

(hint-hint: look to the right; towards the bottom)


{cold morning; warm hearts}

Sunday was a cold morning, let me tell you! I met up with the Guynn family bright and early; and while it was a beautiful morning; the wind would have sent shivers up the sun's spine!

But, this family did NOT let it slow them down; they were still full of smiles! I hope they enjoy this sneak peak!


{secret mission}

My little sister, being the cool daughter-in-law that she is, decided to gather her husband's siblings and surprise his Mom at Christmas with family photos. Great idea, right?

Can you figure out which of these fabulous young ladies is my sister? ;)


What's red and white, and cute all over?

It's hard being a kid! We make our kids dress in puffy, itchy, hot and and less than comfortable clothing and expect them to stay clean, don't jump in the water, and smile pretty. Just for photo! But, wow, isn't it worth it?

Look at these cute kiddies!


"The beauty of a woman.."

I run into so many Mom's that always want photos of their children, their children with their Daddy's, but none of themselves. They feel they look overweight, frumpy, or just not "put together" ....I can't tell how disheartening it is to hear this more and more. What Mom doesn't have a few pounds to lose? Or doesn't always get a chance to paint their nails? Or has an occasionally (or daily for me!) bad hair day? None of us are perfect.

What kind of example are we setting for our children by letting them think we aren't "good enough" for a photo? We are who we are, and to not have a healthy self-image is an insult to God, really. He made us and we are all beautiful in his eyes.

It's really been on my mind to encourage my readers to encourage your Mothers, your friends, your girlfriends, sisters, cousins....whoever! Life is short and we all want the best for our children...and I know as a Mom I want to be able to pass photos onto my daughter and my future grandchildren. What if I pass before I get to know them? Well, they will at least have photos to see and stories to hear from my daughter.

Take the time to snap a shot with your children, makeup or not. These are the moments you will cherish long after your children are grown and gone.

This quote really says it all.

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows.
And the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.
" -- Audrey Hepburn


{The heartbeat of a family is love...}

I met up with Becka's family yesterday afternoon at a beautiful pecan grove (thanks again Mr. Sidney!) ....and wow, it was a beautiful backdrop for a very lovely, very sweet family. Becka is one of my sister's best friends and so I consider her a friend of mine!

Hope you like this sneak peek!


blue-eyed babes

Sister & brother, Emma Grace and Ethan are not only blessed with sweet personalities, but with blue eyes that sparkle from afar. It took a bit of warming up, but I ended up with some precious photos that their parents (and Mimi!) are going to adore!


"A family is a gift that last forever"

My first session of the month; and if it is any of sign of what's to come....I'm in for a fun month :) This family is not only beautiful outside, but inside too. Mom is super sweet, Dad is funny, and the kids...well, they're gorgeous!

Here's your sneak peek Rhonda.....many more soon!