"Like the sands of a beach are the sentences that begin with 'why'?"

When I spotted this quote, I *had* to share it. My session last night was with a very sweet family who includes a little boy Julian. His favorite word last night was (much like my my 4-yr-old) ..."WHY?" :)

The sun was gorgeous last night. While there, we were able to watch a wedding up on the dunes. It was beautiful! They took their after-ceremony shots as we walked and I took a few family photos!

Here's are few of my favorites from last night; Lots more coming Courtney! ;)


"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile"

The past few days have been hard for us as a family...my Meme has advanced cancer and her prognosis is not good. As Autumn approaches, cherish the time you have with your family, hold your children tight..and realize life is short, live it right. My Meme has been an huge influence in my life and I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful loving family. I leave you with pictures of my daughter, whom I cherish more than words can express.


2008 Holiday Card Slideshow

I have a slideshow up with all of the holiday cards Bella Blue will be offering ~ leave a comment or e-mail if you'd like the password to view them. All clients with sessions in October and November will be offered these along with access to my Christmas packages.


The mystery of sunflares.

Most people don't get "it" and have often asked "What's that?" ..."Is that supposed to be there:" IT IS!. A sunflare is a tiny little rainbow that happens when the sun hits the glass (a.k.a. lens) just right.

I heart sunflares :)



I know cousin G will love this sneak peak; it includes two of his very favorite people! Here are my personal favs :)

Jake's expression tells it all. He cracks me up!

Who doesn't like cute boys sporting orange and blue? ;)

Lara's family joined in the fun!

Poppy & his boys.


{time is flying}

Wasn't it just yesterday that Miss Reese had her very first photo session?

But, no, it's been five months! Look at how she's grown! Lots more to come, Mom & Dad ~ your gallery will be up soon!


Grab your spot!

I am three sessions away from being book through November. I will be taking off the entire month of December (except for newborns) to ensure I get all holidays orders done/delivered and that I get to spend time with my family.

FYI: Many people have emailed me about having pictures taken in "the secret garden" ...because of it being private property there will only a handful of sessions done there. I will announce after the first of the year when those sessions can be scheduled. Signing up for my notify list on the right is the way to go! It will keep you up to speed in the happenings of bella blue. Just thought you should know :)

I'm also asking for your help; I am *always* scouting for new unique locations to take pictures...so if you know a yard or field or barn that's begging to be a background PLEASE let me know. Bella Blue thanks you! :)


12 to 21..

When the weatherman said it was going to feel like 100 outside yesterday, he wasn't lying! I met up with the Lairsey family for a secret family session (shhh! it's a surprise for Dad!) ....they were so so nice and completely willing to stand, sit, and lean anyway I told them to! ;)

Thanks you guys for a pleasant session and you have many more great photos coming your way! Enjoy!


A glimpse of what's to come..

Working on Bella Blue's holiday card collection ~ here's one of my favorites. If you've signed up for a session in October or November, you'll be emailed a link to the Christmas gallery soon to see all of the options! :)

If you haven't booked a holiday session, book now ....there are handful of spots left!


Everybody needs a little faith......

Taryn Faith that is! She's turning 4 in a few short weeks and we met up this morning in the muggy hot to get a few special portraits of her before she grows up on us! Aren't her curls just gorgeous?

Hope you like Jenn. Lots more to come! :)