{delaney & avery}

I helped my good friend Kari out last night and followed her along to a fun little mini-session with her daughters. What's better than two adorable girls, a field of gorgeous flowers (thanks Amy for the tip!), pettiskirts, and beautiful afternoon sun? Not much!


partying like it's my birthday..

How things change when you grow up...here I am a year away from big 3-0! What happened? Where has the time gone? Birthdays aren't what they used to be, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I spent the afternoon at my Mom's house and had some very lively entertainment! There is nothing sweeter than listening to the sound of children's voices singing "Happy Birthday".


2009-10 Graduating Seniors

I will be giving away $25 print credits to all senior sessions booked now through September...tell your friends!


(reesie piecey}

From infant to now a 1 yr old, one thing has never changed about this little baby girl...she looks JUST LIKE HER DADDY! :) She was all smiles Wednesday night and you know what happy babies make? Beautiful photos!


{contagious smiles}

This brother & sister duo have been in front of my camera before and this time was no different...little miss Cate was quiet and Landon had me on my toes! They both had ME smiling! It's always nice to capture "happy"....enjoy your preview Suzannah & Josh -- slideshow soon!


{stuff and nonsense} *and we have a winner!

There are a few things that I want to share that might be of interest to you...

1. I am offering $25 session fee credits to anyone that refers a 2009-2010 graduating high-school senior to me for this summer. Tell your friends!

2. I will only be booking two sessions for the beginning of June, otherwise I have no openings until July...I'm taking 2-3 weeks off for some quality R&R time with the fam :)

3. In honor of (how hokey does that sound?) my blog reaching the huge milestone of 20,000 (!!) hits, the lucky blog visitor that lands on that lucky number is getting a special surprise...so scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of this page...are you the 20,000th? If so, e-mail me...now!

Edited to Add; CONGRATS to Brandie G -- she was my lucky 20,000th visitor! She won a choice of a free 16x20 or 10x20 storyboard!


"O" is for Olivia!

My how she's grown since the last time I visited. She was a bit shy (hey, I think stranger danger is a GOOD thing these days), but thanks to two certain somebody's (I'll never say!) being silly and "doing the rain dance" I got some big smiles!