{meet mason}

Isn't he so cute? This little man was quite an angel. I've only looked through a few of my proofs, but here are my favorites thus far. Slideshow coming soon Joalby!


{young love}

This newly engaged couple was not only incredibly sweet and polite, but completely open to all artistic (and a bit crazy!) ideas I came up with. Even with an audience of strangers watching they did not let it deter them from letting me capture them together.....oh, to be young and in love! ;)

I wish them all the best in their future and I have NO doubt their marriage will be one of great committment and love. Hope you like Carlee & Jared! I will have your slideshow up soon with many more great moments from yesterday for you to see!



"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family..."

From the dogs to their beautiful future daughter in-law, this family was a hoot! I had a great time at our session....lots more photos to come soon, Susan!


joy on a sad day...

The past few weeks have been full of ups and downs for my family. In this really hard economy we are very thankful for my husband's job, but for the past month (only 5-6 months left!) he's had to relocate to Orlando to run a job there and so I am left home during the week as a single Mom. We live for Friday's now :)

In the last four weeks the daughter has gotten an ear infection twice, I managed to get sick with a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection, AND then had to get my wisdom teeth a mere 5 days later...I thank God every day for my Mother, who helped me out tremendously with Darci and with icepacks.

Now here we are at the end of another week and my Meme is in her last days here on Earth. It's hard...her mind is perfect, she knows me, she knows Chris, and Darci adores and loves her. I KNOW she'll be at peace and in absolute perfect health in Heaven, but oh how I will miss her. She is the Godliest woman I have ever known and life will never be the same.

It's days like today that I am reminded how short life is and how blessed we are to have our daughter to give us joy on sad days.

Next time you see your grandmother, hug her just a bit tighter. For me.


What to wear? {spring edition}

Need ideas for colorful, fun, fresh, and whimsical clothing? Every few months I'm going to post links to sites and online stores that might interest you, my clients! Fun, bold and bright clothing can make for really great photos, as well as "outside the box" ideas like tutu's and pettiskirts! Here's a few of my etsy favorites that would be great for SPRING!!

This lady not only has great taste in her fabric choices, but I *know* first hand her sewing quality is superb. I plan on purchasing a few items myself soon!

pink sugar clothing
Another boutique-type hand-sewn site! She has the cutest "knot dresses" and similar items. Definitely worth checking out!

Hannah's tutus
If you have a little princess you NEED to visit this etsy shop. 'Nuff said :)

Cloth diapers could not be any cuter. Instead of sporting the normal "not so pretty" disposable diaper...show off those chubby baby legs with these! While you're at, you're saving money on diapers...seriously, take a peak, they're cute!