storyboards samples go live...

I've created a slideshow of several different sized storyboards.
I did this for your viewing pleasure and to get my client's creative juices flowing!

It is password-protected, so you know the drill.......... ;-)


{heidi & joe: engagement session preview}

I had a blast with this couple! I wish them all the best in the future and look forward to attending their wedding in August. Lots to more come guys!


{beach vacation memories}

We all had a fabulous time at the beach last week. I stayed up way too late gabbing with my favorite Aunt and cousin Becka, our kids at way too much junk food, and we spent too much money on seashells (don't ask), but most importantly we created memories that we won't ever forget....I can't wait for next year!


Brought to you by the letter "B"...

We are home from the BEACH!!! We had a wonderful time, look for a BLOG post soon with tons of photos.

This morning, BEFORE the sun started BLARING down upon us, I met up with the sweetest couple with the cutest little BABY BOY...his name is BRODY :-)


{A to Z...}

No, this isn't photography related, but two blogs I read (hey Kari & Carrie!!) posted this today, so why not? It's my blawg afterall :P

A -Age: 29
B- Bed Size: Queen, but boy do we want a King.
C- Chore you hate: Mopping.
D- Dog's Name: No dog or any other four-legged creatures. We go to Nana's house for that!
E- Essential starts to your day: Diet Coke & my meds!
F- Favorite Color: Blue, of course!
G- Gold, Silver, or Platinum: Platinum
H- Height: 5'6"
I- Instruments you play: Piano, a bit
J- Job Title: Wife & Mom to my two favorite people and photographer to many
K- Kids: 1 girl, who gives us a little sunshine everyday!
L- Living Arrangements: With my hot hard-working husband and my fabulous little girl
M- Moms name: Daphne
N- Nicknames: Babe, Dane, that's about it :)
O- Overnight stay in the hospital other then Birth: It took me five minutes to add this up, but I'm going with 7 times.....4 times of those being for a surgery.
P- Pet Peeve: Clutter
Q- Quote from a movie: I'll be your Huckleberry..
R- Right or Left handed: Right
S- Siblings: Sisters, Tammi, Krista & Anna Brother, Joe
T- Time you wake up: That depends on the day. Usually around 7:30
U- Underwear: Always!
V- Vegetable you dislike: Cooked Spinach
W- Ways you run late: Forgot my cell phone!
X- X-rays you've had: Wrist, Dental, Sinus
Y- Yummy food you make: Shepherd's Pie
Z- Zoo Favorite: Lions & Tigers..........oh my :)

And because I refuse to post without a photo, here's one from last week...


{wordless wednesday}

Almost! I'm sure you've realized by now, that I am adore photos where the focal point of the image is not one's eyes, but the feet, fingers, or hands.....As a mother, these moments are my favorite to capture. I feel like I can feel make up my own story with these types of photos.